NEW YORK-(GLOBE NEWSWIRE – December 31, 2015)—iNeedMD Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: NEMD) (“iNeedMD” or the “Company”) a medical device development company, issued a written communication to its current shareholders to provide an overview of the Company’s activities in its first year of commercialization.

As has been communicated over the last six months through periodic press releases, iNeedMD is continuing to forge distribution relationships, particularly in international markets.  The EKG Glove™ system has been well-received outside the U.S. because as in many cases, without the introduction of the system’s platform, access to electrocardiograph (“ECG” or “EKG”) technology would be limited to larger city centers.  The portability and ease-of-use of the product offering will allow physicians and technicians, with even cursory knowledge of EKG electrode positioning and acquisition, to provide patients with one of the mainstays of diagnostic cardiac testing, regardless of proximity to an established healthcare infrastructure.

The Company’s distribution network now provides sales representation in 25 countries that span the continents of Europe, Africa, Australia, and the western region of Asia; iNeedMD is also continuing to pursue relationships with well-established medical device distributors in China given the product’s CFDA approval and the country’s emerging adoption of telemedicine as a healthcare solution for the 98% of its residents who live outside of cities like Beijing or Shanghai.  Additionally, The EKG Glove™ system is getting traction in the government and sports medicine markets in the U.S. where healthcare providers are looking for flexible, portable medical device options that can bring cardiac testing on-site, whenever and wherever it is needed.

The Company looks forward to providing its investors with updates on sales, marketing and product development activities through public announcements and in its public filings in the coming calendar year.  Further information about iNeedMD’s annual shareholders’ meeting will be forwarded after the first quarter of 2016.

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iNeedMD Holdings, Inc., headquartered in New York City, develops and markets medical device solutions that enable individuals and their healthcare partners to easily acquire, store and export health- and wellness-related data in convenient, portable platforms. Please visit for additional information.

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