12-Lead ECGs
in 2 minutes…
every time.

Minimize Time, Maximize Accuracy

All-in-One Design
Built-In lead wires attached to pre-positioned electrodes help ensure correct lead placement on the chest wall and eliminates the chance of lead wire reversal

Latex-free, single-use materials control the risk of cross-contamination

One cable connects The EKG Glove™ to ECG devices in almost any care setting especially where time-efficient patient triage is critical – EMS, ED, ICU/CCU, Remote locations

Fully-Shielded, Radiolucent
Diminishes risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and facilitates X-rays whenever and wherever required

disposable materials
promote hygienic,
infection-free testing

Built-in circuitry
prevents lead
wire reversal
and errors

Single cable connection to
existing ECG machines and
portable devices

Pre-positioned electrodes
standardize application
and minimize prep time.

electrodes are
clearly identifiable
and extendable

Efficient Application with Minimal Training

The EKG Glove™ is US FDA-cleared, bears the CE-Mark certifying EU approval, and is CFDA-approved for clearance in China.

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