iNeedMD has a balanced portfolio of intellectual property to support the mobile health and telehealth industry. Our pioneering product development programs focus on easy-to-use systems for collecting a plurality of diagnostic information and transmitting that data to local and/or remote locations. A user-friendly, glove-like platform provides the basis of the Company’s patented, biosensor technology. Aside from our commercialized product, The EKG Glove™ that captures a full twelve-lead resting EKG, iNeedMD’s patents offer protection for the collection and transmission of a variety of vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature via the Internet, wireless networks or commercial telephone lines to any remote location. iNeedMD currently has eight US patents issued, two for the original glove design and two for a two-glove mapping system intended for use in future product offerings beyond the first four products. International patents are held in Canada, China, India and Israel and will be applied for in Europe, Brazil and Mexico. All of the applications are for utility patents and some include method claims or technology patents.

Intellectual Property:
United States Patents Nos. - 6,224,548; 6,248,064; 6,595,918; 6,540,673; 6757, 556; 7,112,175; 7,435,222 and; 7,753,845
International Patents - Canada: Patent No. 2332892; China: Patent No. ZL98815542.X; India: Patent No. 246790; Israel: Patent No. 139781