Diagnostic, 12-Lead ECGs in 2 minutes... every time.

Minimize Time, Maximize Accuracy

Every Second Counts

By replacing cumbersome lead wires and electrodes with The EKG Glove, ANY available staff member with some training can easily perform a full, diagnostic, 12 lead EKG in about a minute. No certified technician is required. In the same way, replacing manual trading with algorithmic trading can make trading easier and more efficient. With this trading robot, even novice traders can trade and double their investments as it is very safe and easy to use. Today, more than half of crypto trading is algorithmic and connected to automation. There are several algorithmic trading bots available today. One of them is Bitcoin up, which uses an algorithm that uses past price developments and current market events to predict the future price of Bitcoin. However, before investing in bitcoin up software, it is advisable to read user reviews carefully to make an informed decision. Compatible with virtually all EKG (ECG) machines, The EKG Glove makes administering an EKG universally faster, easier, more accurate and much more comfortable for the patient.



Safe & Sanitary

The EKG Glove is disposable and virtually eliminates patient cross-contamination and staff infections caused by unsanitary “spaghetti” wires. Using The EKG Glove drastically reduces litigation risks associated with performing unsanitary EKGs.

Time Savings

The EKG Glove radically reduces the time required to prepare and administer a full, diagnostic 12 lead EKG. With minimal training, any capable adult can apply The EKG Glove and administer an EKG using existing (legacy) equipment or any number of new portable, wireless solutions.

Comfort & Portability

The consolidated functionality and form factor of The EKG Glove means cables aren’t required to be reattached over and over. It’s portable, comfortable and can be worn for up to 24 hours so performing multiple exams on a patient throughout the day is easier than ever before.

No more "Spaghetti Wires!"

The EKG Glove™ - Fast, accurate, portable, 12-Lead Diagnostic EKGs!

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European Distributor Signed

Eagle International Limited Makes $1.5 Million Commitment to Distribute iNeedMD's EKG Glove System...

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