“ Peel-&-Stick”, Efficient, Disposable

  • Built-In lead wires attached to prepositioned electrodes help ensure correct lead placement on the chest wall and eliminates the chance of lead wire reversal
  • Single-use design minimizes risk of cross-contamination and infection
  • One cable connects The EKG Glove™ to the Portable Bluetooth® Interface device in almost any care setting, especially where time-efficient patient triage is critical – EMS, ED, Military, Remote locations

One-Button, 2 Clicks, Maximum Flexibility

  • Communication with Windows®-based tablets, laptops, or PCs via Bluetooth® or USB
  • Perform, store and share ECG reports locally or provide remote access
  • Software can be integrated into many EHRs

Compatible with:

Windows®  XP, Windows®  7, Windows®  8

  • Latex-free, disposable materials promote hygienic, infection-free testing
  • Built-in circuitry prevents lead wire reversal and errors
  • Single cable connection to existing ECG machines and portable devices
  • RA, LA, LL electrodes are clearly identifiable and extendable
  • Pre-positioned electrodes standardize application and minimize prep time.



  • User-friendly, one button design
  • Integrated software records, stores and
    interprets waveforms
  • Exams saved in multiple files formats;
    can be imported into most EHRs
  • Wireless Bluetooth® communication to
    Windows-based tablet, laptop or PC;
    USB optional

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* Product of Pulse Biomedical, Inc.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG