The EKG GLove

The EKG Glove can generate and send a complete diagnostic twelve-lead electrocardiogram ("ECG") directly to a computer or to a mobile phone on which Ineedmd's proprietary software would be downloaded. As demonstrated in ineedmd's clinical trials to date, the EKG Glove produces consistent reliable ECG waveforms and data that are equivalent by FDA standards to those produced using a conventional ECG machine that records ECG data on paper.

The EKG Glove is a disposable, mitt-like device that has ten embedded ECG sensors (electrodes) and corresponding printed circuits. Customers purchasing the Ineedmd's complete EKG/ECG Glove System will receive from the Company the following hardware and software items:

The EKG Glove System is FDA cleared. The hardware and software provided as part of the complete EKG Glove System are separately cleared by the FDA, and are commercially available as off the shelf products.

Use of the EKG (ECG) Glove System completely eliminates the need for a standard, paper-based EKG (ECG) machine. Because the 12 lead glove is designed to configure ECG electrodes in a single unit using a conventional ECG electrode configuration for the purpose of conducting an electrocardiogram. It is for use in patients with a chest girth of 97 - 104 cm.



Prepositioned electrodes help reduce in patient preparation time

Reduced time to record an EKG (ECG), which is especially important in emergency care situations

Can be performed by health care professionals

Easy-to-follow instructions

No requirement for dedicated EKG (ECG) technicians

On-staff nurses, house staff, and medical assistants able to record an EKG (ECG)

Reduced concern for patient-to-patient use

Gloves are disposable; one-use only

Cleaning and disinfection of electrodes eliminated

Consistent Results

The gold standard of a 12-lead diagnostic EKG (ECG) recording is provided both for routine EKG (ECG) needs and cardiac monitoring, such as in ambulances, emergency rooms, and intensive care units

Consistent lead placement, helps to assure normal EKG (ECG) recordings by pre-positioning of discrete electrodes on the glove

Helps reduce repeat exams resulting from: broken leads, the need to fix poorly placed leads, and poor connectivity

Significant noise reduction

Consistent application from patient to patient

Assists Patient Care

Assists patient access in CC and ICU because there are no wires to interfere in the patient examination

Integrates with electronic patient records systems

EKG (ECG) data readily stored in hospital patient records database

Benefits to Patient Care Provider

Electronic records can be integrated directly with the billing process

Simple connection to a printer to produce hardcopy, if needed

Elimination of need for an EKG (ECG) machine

Cost savings by not needing an EKG (ECG) technician and reduced recording time

Productivity benefits for the person or hospital/institutional care provider

Potential increased patient through-put per nurse or medical assistant

Reduction in the number of items needed to measure EKG (ECG) benefits medical and para-medical personnel, including:

Emergency responders – ambulances, firefighters, police officers

Military physicians and medics

Sports doctors providing emergency care

Home Use

Administration for a patient at home will be available in the very near future

Administration for a patient at home will be available in the very near future

The EKG Glove can also be provided in a sturdy, reusable form (not currently available)