The Physician's Hand is a glove in which are imbedded a variety of sensors.

The digitized data from these sensors is transmittable in real-time by any digital avenue, including:
· Telephone wire
· Wireless
· Satellite

The sensors in the basic glove will include:
· A full 12 lead electrocardiogram
· Blood pressure
· Pulse rate
· Blood oxygen saturation
· Skin Temperature
· A full duplex videoconferencing module that will allow the doctor and patient to see and speak with each other when used outside of a medical facility.
· A stethoscope-type audio device in the palm portion of the glove, which will enable the doctor to listen to the heart and lung sounds.
· The glove design has the flexibility to include a port into which can be plugged any other devices that digitize their data.

The patient using the glove needn't undress. Rather, he or she simply puts the glove on the right hand and then simply places it under the shirt or blouse onto the left chest. It is so intuitive and easy that essentially little or no instruction is required, but, if necessary, the doctor, who is watching the patient over the video, can advise the patient on the correct positioning of the glove.

Within moments, a 12 lead ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and blood oxygen level are sent to the office computer, where it can be viewed, saved and printed, and even sent to another medical site the patient may designate.

Thus, in a few, easy and comfortable steps, the patient is logged in with a doctor who is viewing data and active video image from a computer screen.

When not in an office or hospital, the patient can see and speak to the doctor over the camera/monitor module.

The doctor will be able to instruct the patient, draw pictures to explain as needed, and send prescriptions electronically to a local pharmacy.

If the evaluation identifies a major emergency, the doctor can remain online and supervise the care provided by the paramedic ambulance he will have summoned for the patient.

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