Market Potential

- Cardiac arrest kills 250,000 Americans yearly and can occur anywhere.

The CPR Glove should be carried or stored everywhere people are and in every medical facility.

- Electrocardiogram machines are in every hospital, doctor’s office and medical facility and are carried by all emergency services and ambulances.

- The fitness movement creates a huge market for devices that monitor how people are doing for progress and safety, especially for the Boomer Generation.

- The Glove devices can tap a large pharmaceutical market by making clinical trials faster, easier and cheaper.

- The Physician’s Hand, a full diagnostic device, has application in dozens of venues and industries and holds the potential for making medical care far more efficient and cost-effective.

- The military is a major market, applicable for combatants, support personnel and civilian families.
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- Rationale: A new platform for providing medical biodata.

- Technology: Electronic innovation.

- The Company: Management and founders.
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