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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Privacy is important to IneedMD, Inc. This document describes the information we collect and the ways we use that information.


Q: Is The EKG Glove™ FDA cleared for use in the United States?
Yes. The EKG Glove™ has 510K FDA clearance. It is a prescription only device within the USA and it's territories.

Q: Does the have CE Marking approval for sale within the European Union?
Yes. As of mid-February, 2012, The EKG Glove™ has it's CE Marking. No prescription required to purchase The EKG Glove™ in the the countries that form the European Union.

Q: Can The EKG Glove™ work with wireless and Wi-Fi integrated hospital and emergency care systems?
Yes. The EKG Glove™ can connect to most standard ECG monitoring and recording devices, including many of the newer wireless systems, using an approved, compatible accessory cable. Click here for a list of cables and compatible devices.