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Version 2.0


Intended Use:

The EKG Glove™ is a single use, disposable device for adults designed to configure ECG (EKG) electrodes in a single unit using a conventional ECG electrode configuration for the purpose of conducting a 12 lead electrocardiogram. The EKG Glove™ connects to existing ECG machines using an accessory cable and/or adaptor and replaces the wire leads and electrodes traditionally used to perform a full 12 Lead ECG.

Instructions For Use (IFU):

For Patients with Hairy Chests

  1. Add a drop of electrode gel to each electrode prior to placement.
  2. Have patient apply pressure to the center of the glove (if possible).
  3. Shave chest if necessary.


  1. Verify that the glove has not exceeded the expiration date listed on the glove and the glove packaging.

  2. Verify that all electrodes are in FULL contact with the patient’s skin (may have to shave chest).

  3. Make sure that the 10/15 pin connector cable is fully engaged.

  4. While wearing a sanitary glove, gently touch the electrode gel for each electrode to ensure that it is still moist and tacky.

  5. To further increase electrode connectivity, add a drop of electrode gel to each electrode and re-apply The EKG Glove™.

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