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About IneedMD, Inc.

The company, IneedMD, Inc. has developed a proprietary, disposable device used in the diagnosis, prevention, and monitoring of cardiovascular disease called The EKG Glove™. The EKG Glove™ is designed to obtain an ECG/EKG using pre-positioned electrodes affixed to the underside of a glove-like sheath. The EKG Glove is portable, disposable, and leverages printed circuit technology to deliver a full 12 lead diagnostic electrocardiogram (ECG) with a single use “peel and stick” action. The single use aspect of The EKG Glove™ targets the growing problem of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), while also reducing the 30%, nearly 1 in 3, error rate associated with the painstaking manual placement of leads. Along with its highly sanitary profile, the speed to care provided by the use of The EKG Glove™ improves the care and monitoring of cardiovascular disease, and eclipses that of any traditional ECG system.

Through the use of our unique, patented, break-through technology, a more rapid and complete 12-lead ECG exam, analysis and diagnosis can be achieved by which time, money and lives can be saved.

Ineedmd, Inc. is the only company to date that is in a unique position to deliver meaningful, significant benefits to both patients and doctors by allowing virtually anyone to administer a full 12-Lead ECG exam anytime, anywhere and in less than 60 seconds.


Our very own Dr. Arthur Tilford, CTO of IneedMD, Inc., is named as the primary and EXCLUSIVE author of a very important and recent U.S. patent issued to The DIRECTV Group, Inc. on December 20,2011 for a "method and apparatus for transmitting, receiving, and utilizing audio/visual signals and other information"..."to be broadcast via satellite and received in a set top box... When requested by a hand held computing device (HHCD), the information is transmitted by the set top box to the HHCD and stored in the HHCD. The HHCD may be configured to display the information on the HHCD's display screen, play back the audio, read a book on the display screen, play a video game on the hand held device, etc."


View US patent number 8,082,572 issued on December 20, 2011 (PDF, opens in a new window).


Congratulations to our friend and co-founder for accomplishing such an important and monumental task.

Executive Team

IneedMD, Inc. has assembled a highly credentialed and experienced management team covering all key disciplines necessary to nurture the company into a large, international corporation.

IneedMD, Inc.  is led by the following top level executives:

Govindan Gopinathan, MD, FRCP(C)
Chairman of the Board – Founding CEO

Dr. Gopinathan is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at New York University Medical Center and primary inventor of The EKG Glove™. He co-founded IneedMD Inc. His extensive clinical background helped him to develop The EKG Glove™ as a multi-purpose bio-metric clinical tool. He is board certified in internal medicine and neurology by the Royal College of Physicians in Canada. He is board certified in neurology by the American Academy of Neurology, certified in internal medicine by the University of Kerala, India, a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and a former Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London.  He has previously served as the Director and Chief of Neurology at the Manhattan VA Hospital, and held a Fellowship in Experimental Therapeutics at the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD.

In his capacity as Chairman Dr. Gopinathan serves as the Chief Medical and Scientific spokesperson of the company, and he continues the oversight and expansion of the consumer and healthcare diagnostic uses of the patented technology in our biomedical devices and systems.

Robert R. Riola
Chief Information Officer

Mr. Riola is an experienced business owner and IT executive with over 25 years of technical expertise across a diverse range of technologies within multiple industry settings. Mr. Riola designed, created and managed large corporate networks and data centers before forming his first of several companies, Northwest Data, Inc., back in 1991.  Although a disaster recovery firm serving the health care industry at its core, Mr. Riola created an advanced PC based application that allowed clients to seamlessly place and track orders from a catalog of more than 85,000 business products through a secure phone line connection.  In 1994, he extended this technology by creating the internet site which launched within days of the removal of the internet’s “No Commerce” clause back in 1995. Mr. Riola was later recognized as one of the first successful catalog resellers on the web. He was also an early pioneer of creating graphical ads and selling products in mass on eBay, or “auctionweb” as it was called back in early 1994/5. After selling the company in 1998, Mr. Riola formed other web-based businesses that addressed important online issues like digital intellectual property rights, or Digital Rights Management (DRM) as it is known today, and site wide security. During the five years leading up to his employment with IneedMD, Inc., Mr. Riola consulted with companies from small start-ups to large financial holding companies with a need for strategic planning, business reorganization and/or large project management to achieve a clearly defined objective. Mr. Riola holds degrees in Marketing & Management from College of Dupage of Illinois, and in Theology from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. Mr. Riola plays an important role in product development, building and maintaining compliant systems, and will lead IneedMD’s entry into the burgeoning Tele-health market.


ECG History | ECG Evolution | The EKG Glove™ | Glove Benefits | Instructions | The Future | Videos